I’m a fan of the opportunity for turning over a new leaf and such. I mean, I like and enjoy the old leaves, but after a while they start to crackle and disintegrate and all you’re left with is dust.

So, onto new leaves with us all.

*(Clearing throat)

I have many goals and aspirations for the next year, but some indecision and pondering’s as well. I enjoy blogging, but am in need of whittling down what I’m involved with in order to truly begin and complete some things this year.

Number one, for 2016, I must find the best way to publish my work.

Two, I will start tutoring students in reading. My goal is between 10-20 clients. See my other blog for details.

Three, I either need to start taking more photos, or end the enjoy blog or just not feel pressured to post daily.

There are more things, but I mainly wanted to highlight a few.

I have a full life for which I’m grateful and I hope to pursue life with more vigor and peace in the year ahead.

~Peace and Happy New Year friends.


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