Cocoa Bombs

Those who know me understand that I love chocolate to a possibly dysfunctional level.

I own that. I know chocolate isn’t the answer to life’s big problems, but neither are a lot of other things in the world.

I’m just enjoying what the dark yummy substance adds to my life.

This post is not meant in any way to give hints for gift giving, necessarily, but more as an encouragement to enjoy some of the good things in life!

Another reason for this post is to share an imperfect outcome of a chocolate diy , I made cocoa bombs! They came out looking imperfect, but it was fun making them and looks don’t matter, they tasted great!

Cocoa bomb “fail”

Lettuce pray…

I had a bout of insomnia a week ago and in the course of that fitful night, an image much like a repeating meme came to my mind.

My (meme) was of a head of romaine lettuce being cut with a pair of kitchen scissors and no matter which way I tried to fall asleep, I kept seeing lettuce being snipped.

(I know, crazy right?)

I finally fell asleep, but in the morning, the image came to mind.

I often feel like God talks to me through my dreams, but an image, or vision of lettuce??

What could the God of the universe have to say through greens?

I felt compelled to put salad on the menu for the coming week. I bought romaine lettuce and other salad ingredients and was ready.

The day came for salad and I eagerly “stepped up to the plate” a little to eager with scissors in my right hand and dripping freshly washed head of romaine in my left hand –salad spinner on the counter.

I shook the head of lettuce over the sink to remove the excess water and before plunging in with the scissors, I gazed at the innocent head of lettuce, took a breath and began the snipping. Just as I thought, the snipping sound itself gave a satisfaction. I smiled as I snipped, snipped and snipped again.

As more and more leaves fell into the salad spinner, the core of the romaine became smaller and lighter. I cut again until just the heart was left, devoid and bald in my hand.

I then put the scissors down and inspected the heart. I turned it around and looked at the stump. After a minute, I very satisfactorily chunked it into the trash can.

I went back to the salad spinner, filled it with water, drained it and began pumping the water out. I used this time to think about what just happened and then fitting words came to my mind. I felt content, satisfied.

I continued spinning the leaves until they were only damp and left the kitchen counter smiling.

It is complete.

I cooked!

Yesterday, I felt lazy, sluggish and sleepy. Something was off in my body. It may have been that we had too much fun on the weekend and I was recovering, so, I didn’t accomplish much, but today, I woke up with energy and so, among other things, it led to me cooking a GF pizza.

*This is not a cooking blog, I repeat, this is not a cooking blog!

I use to cook, but ever since I became an empty-nester, it’s been a challenge to get motivated enough. So, what happened today? I just didn’t want to pay somebody else (25.00) to deliver a medium GF pizza. It just seemed so expensive and I knew that I couldn’t eat a whole medium pizza myself and history shows that if not eaten the same day ordered, GF pizza will disappoint the next day. (unlike real pizza! :() Oh, and the one I baked tasted good, but I’ll see how it tastes tomorrow. (stay tuned!)

Anyway, enough about that, I just had to toot my own horn since I cooked. Now, I will try to continue with my writing goals. I think I’m coming along, but after reading some of Gone Girl, I’m feeling very amateur-ist. The story is intriguing, and wow, the writing,  it’s edgy and dark, and I felt the writer put in some unique character descriptions. It helped me to picture the characters in action. Or is that because I saw the movie?  By the wayif anyone out there has any book recommendations, please feel free to comment. I’m not that great at picking authors that I like.

~peace friends.