Friday’s fritz

I like Friday, but today, (except for working out) I’m feeling fritz-y. I don’t think that’s a word, but I don’t care, it fits. First of all, I’m a mess. I’ve been alone in my house and it’s become messy. My husband’s out of town, so there’s no one to blame, but myself.

Second, I’ve gotten more clumsy than usual and as a result I’ve started a new trend of tattooing my body with bruises. I’ve run into walls, I’ve dropped things (near my toes!) I’ve tripped on my own feet.

Third, I haven’t had fish in chips out in a while and I think my brain is hurting for it. I mean, it’s brain food, right? So, there’s that.

Lastly, I’m dying to do some form of art, but have I picked up my sketch book or taken a single picture? No! Quite a few people I know are practicing artists. I’m inspired, but lack the motivation or something.

Somebody help!!

~Sorry, but that’s all, and I hope you have peace in your life.


Dream life

Is it just me or does everyone have a dream/fantasy life? What is my dream life?

Well, If you notice the new header image (which I had trouble cropping to fit), I’m giving you a glimpse into my fantasy/dream life.

Basically, I see myself as a successful writer who’s also a talented artist and cafe/venue owner. My husband partners with me in my successful business’s while also running his own design firm.

My son runs the venue and enjoys hosting the continual flow of bands while opening up for a few bands himself.

My daughters run the family business financials and share in the creative design and decor while also occasionally singing lead vocal’s for their dad and brother’s bands respectively.

My story has been discovered and picked up by a local publisher and have asked if I would like to sell movie rights for a future film.

My spare time is spent painting and writing successful books.

Yeah, it could happen. I dream of these things while current clients cancel and while looking around at job ads.

Reality takes a chunk out of my dream. :/

~Peace friends and keep dreaming with me!


I’m a fan of the opportunity for turning over a new leaf and such. I mean, I like and enjoy the old leaves, but after a while they start to crackle and disintegrate and all you’re left with is dust.

So, onto new leaves with us all.

*(Clearing throat)

I have many goals and aspirations for the next year, but some indecision and pondering’s as well. I enjoy blogging, but am in need of whittling down what I’m involved with in order to truly begin and complete some things this year.

Number one, for 2016, I must find the best way to publish my work.

Two, I will start tutoring students in reading. My goal is between 10-20 clients. See my other blog for details.

Three, I either need to start taking more photos, or end the enjoy blog or just not feel pressured to post daily.

There are more things, but I mainly wanted to highlight a few.

I have a full life for which I’m grateful and I hope to pursue life with more vigor and peace in the year ahead.

~Peace and Happy New Year friends.