Friday’s “reviews”

I’ve read quite a few books now and learning so much. The main thing I’ve learned from good pieces of literature is not just having a story to tell, but how the story was told. For example, in All The Light We Cannot See, multiple character’s stories are told in the forward and backward traveling through time kind of fashion. It was a challenge to follow, as a reader, but in my opinion, gave the story some mystery as well as anticipation.

I can’t imagine the challenge for the writer, but then again, this is Pulitzer Award winning level. Yeah. I also have enjoyed the learning in reading good books. I enjoy smelling and looking at flowers, but I’ve never studied them.  In The Language of Flowers, I was able to enjoy an inspiring story while also learning about flowers. Even if the story was about the character overcoming a difficult past, the reader is encouraged to open their eyes to the gifts people possess no matter their background.

In the The Martian, even though I’m not a technical geek ( I wish I was!) I could still enjoy how the author used humor to lighten the undeniably terrifying aspect of being left alone on the Planet of Mars. Had it not been for the comedic relief, I might not have been able to read this book. So, humor, sarcasm and well placed cuss words granted realness to a gifted main character.

Now, after reading quite a few books, I might be falling forever into the rabbit hole of literature, never to be found again. Thank you writers for keeping your dreams of telling us great stories. You’re appreciated!


The story

Hello fellow writers and readers…

I felt it was about time that I unveiled to you the first story that I’ve ever published on Kindle.

The book was conceived with from a piece of writing that my friend did and put away in her nightstand. One day, she read it to me and a story was born. We strived to put our words and voices together and our desires for the main characters. This was a challenge, but after a few years of working on it, we felt it time to put it out there in the hands of readers.

We are very open to feed back and criticism as long as you’re kind. We realize that as first timer’s, things won’t be perfect, but give it a read and share your thoughts.


Please let me know if the link works:

Extraordinary Girl

Friday’s Eve

So, it’s Friday eve. Friday had always held a special place in my heart and so, why not post on it’s eve to honor it? Oh brother, I’ve edited/rewritten 21 chapters, so I’m a bit “brain-fuzzy” and not funny right now. It’s a “neuro” tiredness; that is what I’m calling my excuse to watch episode after episode of Grey’s anatomy. My brain is recharging, so there!

Today, I also signed up for my writer’s course. I actually did it. I’m nervous. A University of Washington professor is teaching this course and so it’s real. Darn! I will be getting real feedback and critique, it’s just what I wanted. Seriously?? What was I thinking?

Do all writers have this moment before being published, the moment you feel like you’re kidding yourself? I mean after all, how arrogant to create worlds and characters and plots and emotion. Who do we think we are? Who do I think I am? I guess I just paid to find out.

~Peace…uh friends?

Newbie feelings

“So, what do you do?” It’s a question I will have to get used to answering in the most positive/confident of voices including a smile, instead of the “uh-yeah, I’m working on my first story, um, novel, yes, I’m a writer, uh author.yeah!” response. This will take practice for sure. I’m still trying to get used to my life as an author and the re-write is coming along.

That’s all “par for the course”, someone might say, in the process of getting something published, and they are probably right, but why does it all have to be so raw and skin peeling? I’m curious how an author feels after getting their first story published, they must 100 layers deep of comfort in their own”skin”, while I go around feeling like a peeled banana. I confess, I found a writer’s critique group, but I’m a chicken! I know I should go and get some feedback, but, I’ll need a boot to the bottom to get me to go. I’ll keep you posted on that. In the meantime, it’s back to the grindstone or the chopping block!

~peace friends!

Writing journey

So, the post that was supposedly bubbling up inside me never made it out. Maybe it went out the other end! 😉  It’s Monday and interestingly enough I’m motivated to write on my novel, I’m on Chapter 14. I’ve been in kind of a roll with it, so I’m gonna keep this post short.

Just a tidbit of what I’ve learned (writing-wise):

  1. It was truly a good thing to have not written on my story for a while. Now that I’m back to it, I see so many disjointed thoughts, unfinished scenes and of course, typos and grammar errors.
  2. Even if I’m doing a fairly good job of re-knitting the story, I’ve pretty much decided that after this second draft run through that other interested people need to get involved. They will have even fresher eyes and can give constructive feedback and can help the forward motion continue.
  3. There are many distractions from job searches, world news, Facebook posts, etc. all vying for my attention and it’s a challenge to remain focused.
  4. You have to learn to continue living life as a social being if you’re gonna be any good at writing a novel which is supposed to be about relationships. (In my story)

~Peace friends.