Yay! Books!


So, for today’s outing I went to the neighborhood Goodwill and found these Dr. Seuss books for a steal at .79 each!  I don’t have young children anymore, but I love children’s books and especially the fun to read kind.

Unlike yesterday, that was the highlight of my “getting out”. It was really hot outside (but nothing like Texas though) and as I walked along the neighborhood, I had some house envy. I like the house we’re renting, but still, there are such cute houses in Seattle, seriously, each one looks like a doll house!

Anyway, it was a good, albeit hot walk and I didn’t make it to the gym, but a walk added to my exercise quota for today. My family is out hiking in Montana and I’ll join them Sunday when they get to the lodge. I can’t wait to see them!

I also used my alone time to clean out the garage. I know! Fun times! Be jealous!

But my work rewarded me with finding a box of unpacked cool wine glasses that I’d forgotten about and also some cool red rimmed martini glasses.

~Peace and Happy Friday everyone!

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