Just “right”!

For the sake of this not being an actual journal, I’ll keep things light and remember the purpose is just to write. Plain write. I’ve been delinquent, yes, but I’ve also been walking about, doing chores and thinking about, reflecting on, mourning, and enjoying life.

It’s unfortunate that I’ve gotten a bit hooked on watching Grey’s Anatomy. But I’ve kept the madness to 2 episodes a day. So far, the show mostly highlights how people are people and how they’ll disappoint you. At 48, I’ve learned that lesson by now, but I’ve also learned to stay open to the experience that people can surprise you and wow you, and leave you with your mouth hanging open at their passions, love, talent, empathy, etc. So, I watch for these things among the more prevalent yuck.

I traveled to Montana recently and realized that there are acres and acres of beautiful land out there, all for the feet to trample on, eyes to gaze at and photographic equipment to focus on it. But, after living in Seattle for three years, it can’t compete.

I won’t go into all the beauty of Seattle, but I’m grateful to have landed here and though it’s been difficult socially, I’m content to make a home out of it.

~Peace friends!

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