I cooked!

Yesterday, I felt lazy, sluggish and sleepy. Something was off in my body. It may have been that we had too much fun on the weekend and I was recovering, so, I didn’t accomplish much, but today, I woke up with energy and so, among other things, it led to me cooking a GF pizza.

*This is not a cooking blog, I repeat, this is not a cooking blog!

I use to cook, but ever since I became an empty-nester, it’s been a challenge to get motivated enough. So, what happened today? I just didn’t want to pay somebody else (25.00) to deliver a medium GF pizza. It just seemed so expensive and I knew that I couldn’t eat a whole medium pizza myself and history shows that if not eaten the same day ordered, GF pizza will disappoint the next day. (unlike real pizza! :() Oh, and the one I baked tasted good, but I’ll see how it tastes tomorrow. (stay tuned!)

Anyway, enough about that, I just had to toot my own horn since I cooked. Now, I will try to continue with my writing goals. I think I’m coming along, but after reading some of Gone Girl, I’m feeling very amateur-ist. The story is intriguing, and wow, the writing,  it’s edgy and dark, and I felt the writer put in some unique character descriptions. It helped me to picture the characters in action. Or is that because I saw the movie?  By the wayif anyone out there has any book recommendations, please feel free to comment. I’m not that great at picking authors that I like.

~peace friends.

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