Yay, the dentist.

I’ll try to be as positive as I can about my dental appointment. First of all, I DO appreciate modern dental care with TV, shades and nitrous gas. I made the right choice by asking them to up the amount of gas because I was actually having some anxiety creep up as they were working to remove my old crown. When they raised it, I was transfixed on the food network channel and here’s what I remember, vanilla vodka, garlic and thyme, and ribs and butter. And a lady saying, “Mmm, I think I’ll make two of those!” The only distraction after that were the smells and let me tell you, it stunk! If it weren’t for the gas, I’d be embarrassed!

Anyway, now I’m home numb and hungry with a temporary crown. I’m very appreciative of dental care. I’m mostly trying to explore how to write humorously about a not so pleasant experience. I hope your day is more fun-filled than mine!

~Peace friends.

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