Friday’s Eve

So, it’s Friday eve. Friday had always held a special place in my heart and so, why not post on it’s eve to honor it? Oh brother, I’ve edited/rewritten 21 chapters, so I’m a bit “brain-fuzzy” and not funny right now. It’s a “neuro” tiredness; that is what I’m calling my excuse to watch episode after episode of Grey’s anatomy. My brain is recharging, so there!

Today, I also signed up for my writer’s course. I actually did it. I’m nervous. A University of Washington professor is teaching this course and so it’s real. Darn! I will be getting real feedback and critique, it’s just what I wanted. Seriously?? What was I thinking?

Do all writers have this moment before being published, the moment you feel like you’re kidding yourself? I mean after all, how arrogant to create worlds and characters and plots and emotion. Who do we think we are? Who do I think I am? I guess I just paid to find out.

~Peace…uh friends?

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