Steppin’ out

She sat typing in the corner of her living room hunched over her keyboard typing about other non-existent worlds. Her brows were furrowed in concentration as the rest of the world went on about it’s cheery business right outside her picture window which she’d occasionally look out of thinking about the next scene. She did this day in and day out willing her novel to fruition, both excited and frightened as it neared, ever closer, to the public eye.

Okay, that’s me in real life lately, but I have gotten out of the house and interacted with actual humans and when I have, I realize there’s value in being present with another whether it’s my hubby or a trusted friend. As a matter of fact, I had two outings yesterday with friends and it was nice to “work-out” other parts of my facial muscles. I promised myself to have more of that kind of outing. Good for the soul!

~peace friends!

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