Friday’s fritz

I like Friday, but today, (except for working out) I’m feeling fritz-y. I don’t think that’s a word, but I don’t care, it fits. First of all, I’m a mess. I’ve been alone in my house and it’s become messy. My husband’s out of town, so there’s no one to blame, but myself.

Second, I’ve gotten more clumsy than usual and as a result I’ve started a new trend of tattooing my body with bruises. I’ve run into walls, I’ve dropped things (near my toes!) I’ve tripped on my own feet.

Third, I haven’t had fish in chips out in a while and I think my brain is hurting for it. I mean, it’s brain food, right? So, there’s that.

Lastly, I’m dying to do some form of art, but have I picked up my sketch book or taken a single picture? No! Quite a few people I know are practicing artists. I’m inspired, but lack the motivation or something.

Somebody help!!

~Sorry, but that’s all, and I hope you have peace in your life.



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