Broken Glass


broken glass shadow wooden table
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I had a dream. In the dream, I was carrying a glass filled with ice-water. I’m usually thirsty in real life if I’m dreaming this, but before waking up, I was bumped into by you know who. He was oblivious to the fact that I was standing right behind him with a glass in my hand. As he bumps into me, the glass falls, not quite shattered, but all the water spilled out of it.

I don’t remember being upset at him. It’s like I expected it. What is memorable is the image of me cleaning up the broken glass and holding up the glass and thinking. “You can’t drink out of a broken glass.” The glass is ruined.

I woke up sad, thirsty and unsatisfied. It was a fitting dream.


  1. Sending compassion your way. I really feel for you. And it’s very isolating pain that the world doesn’t get. Shattered, broken and totally unsatisfied. They say the pain will subside and I’m sure that’s true. Still, the loss is so great, the rejection is so difficult to deal with, and sometimes it seems the sun will never come out. It’s a journey many have taken and have somehow come out on the other side. In the meantime we take one day at a time, even one moment at a time. My heart is with you and I am sorry for your pain!

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    1. Bhunter says:

      Thank you, sorry took time away from blog, getting back to it.


  2. She'll says:

    Thank you! I’m in the healing process and doing well, but I enjoy writing and all the healing that comes from it. I hope you’re taking care as well. 🙂


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