Why the house fell…

There once was a woman drawn to blue, not just any blue, but blue like the color of the ocean. It was blue that would pull her away from the safety of her parent’s home. It was blue that would hypnotize her and render her mute.

But it wasn’t just the blue, It was brown also. The brown saw the color rose. The brown reflected what her mind perceived as solid ground. She played a part in the falling, the sinking, the deception.

Until there came the day, that the brown began to see the fading blue. Sight came after a breaking. The breaking was an inevitable event. The foundation had not been left to cure. The builder became inpatient with the wait and built upon an unready base.

The house he built seemed steady enough and bore the weight and even bore some fruits. But, despite the work of the builder, the mistake had already had a destiny. The house would fall.

The cracks became crevasses and the weight unbearable for the walls to hold. When the storms came and winds blew, the house wobbled, and just couldn’t withstand the forces of the wind.

Eventually, it fell with a devastating crash. Even the foundation was lost. It would not hold another house.

The entire project would need to be rebuilt from the ground up, correctly.


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