Chocolate Pumpkin

What does it look like?

I didn’t win the pinwheel contest, after looking at my pinwheel again, I could see why. No matter, for my next contest, the pumpkin painting contest!

I enjoy chocolate, especially dark chocolate. That is what inspired me. I hope you guessed either a candied Apple or a chocolate covered cherry. Regardless, again I had fun participating.

Life is too hard not to have fun or at least participate in. Just try.

I lost my Dad October 1, 2021 and my Mom on October 3, 2018. Autumn is a bittersweet time for me, I love it and have some hard memories in it. So, that’s why I try… to have fun.

Writing is a Process

My plan is to write nine more chapters to declare the story I’m writing complete, but just because I declare it, doesn’t mean that it is. If I’ve learned anything, it is that. But, for sanity sake, I need to say that in 9 chapters, the story will be complete.

The next thing I’d like to share is that I’m learning is that there is a “flow” to writing that is both difficult to turn on as it is to shut off. I can sit in the house, all the time in the world, and not begin sometimes until I’ve done other chores, cooked, or just played around with ideas in my head first. Then, and only then does the “flow” happen. And then once it flows and gets cut off by say, eating, sleeping, and other “ing’s” then the process of beginning starts all over again. I don’t have the answer to this issue except to keep at it and let my brain rest when it needs to or recharge. I’m not formally doing NaMoWritMo, but I have been trying to write everyday and after a while, it does take a sort of mental toll.

Last, I’d like to share that there is a finesse to writing a good story that I’ve not learned or read enough to grasp. I will get there, but I’m not there and I admire those who can put together scenes, stories with vivid descriptors and images that evoke deep emotion. Yes, there are those who are able, and I can strive to become, but I’m not there yet, and that is okay.

I’m where I’m at and it is and has been good for me to have a project that I can complete. I look forward to its completion. How are you doing?

~peace friends and fellow writers.

Writing Class

I did it! I attended the first writer’s class and loved it! The course is for fiction writers and will cover everything from setting, to plot, to character development to pacing. I’m so excited to that multiple goals will be met with this class:

  1. Help me to finish my novel
  2. Learn more about the craft
  3. Meet other writers
  4. Get needed critique
  5. Keep motivated about writing

~Peace friends!