I cooked!

Yesterday, I felt lazy, sluggish and sleepy. Something was off in my body. It may have been that we had too much fun on the weekend and I was recovering, so, I didn’t accomplish much, but today, I woke up with energy and so, among other things, it led to me cooking a GF pizza.

*This is not a cooking blog, I repeat, this is not a cooking blog!

I use to cook, but ever since I became an empty-nester, it’s been a challenge to get motivated enough. So, what happened today? I just didn’t want to pay somebody else (25.00) to deliver a medium GF pizza. It just seemed so expensive and I knew that I couldn’t eat a whole medium pizza myself and history shows that if not eaten the same day ordered, GF pizza will disappoint the next day. (unlike real pizza! :() Oh, and the one I baked tasted good, but I’ll see how it tastes tomorrow. (stay tuned!)

Anyway, enough about that, I just had to toot my own horn since I cooked. Now, I will try to continue with my writing goals. I think I’m coming along, but after reading some of Gone Girl, I’m feeling very amateur-ist. The story is intriguing, and wow, the writing,  it’s edgy and dark, and I felt the writer put in some unique character descriptions. It helped me to picture the characters in action. Or is that because I saw the movie?  By the wayif anyone out there has any book recommendations, please feel free to comment. I’m not that great at picking authors that I like.

~peace friends.

Hmph, pancakes…

I’m saying that because yesterday I was gloating about having pancakes for lunch and then bam! My body reminds me that, yes, in fact, I am gluten sensitive. And no, I didn’t want to make gluten free pancakes, I wanted all american white flour (King Arthur’s), eggs (organic free range, butter (organic) and milk (almond milk), but no! My body said, “No white flour, period!”

So, as gluten sensitivity goes, you may guess where I spent some of my afternoon and I also poured my 3:00 p.m. glass of Pino back into the bottle. Yeah.

So, today, at the grocery store, I loaded up on gluten friendly flour, raw ginger (plain weird) and raw turmeric (weird “finger-looking” food). I’m focused on healthy bowel movements and  a painless belly. And no worries, that same night, I poured myself a glass of healthy, antioxidant red wine. (Malbec)

In closing, this was not the post that had been bubbling up in me, but after yesterday, I don’t remember anymore what that may have been about. Such is life.

~Peace friends