Just be a turtle

Yay! I have 36 followers and I’ve not written in a while, yikes, not meeting my goals! I think if I could just be home longer than a week, that could happen. I have a freaking laptop! I need to learn to use it as such. It is not a desktop!

Okay, here I am in Colorado. We sold a home and I’m here to take our stuff back to our home in Washington. That is my life. I’m not complaining. I like my life. However, this busy time has highlighted to me that I’ve yet learned how to integrate my busy life with writing. But, hey, at least I noticed after a while and so I’ll count that as progress. Perhaps the turtle has it right, just small steps in a forward motion with confidence. That turtle didn’t stress and honestly I don’t want that bunny’s life! I want to be the confident, independent turtle. I don’t want to quit or just run and get exhausted.

~ Peace y’all!