Thursday to do

So, Monday I was a poet, today not so much. I’m recovering from my early morning workout as well as Tuesday nights knowledge-fill. Basically, taking this class has added more work and reading that I need to do and I even have an assignment to watch a movie which I may start  today if I can find it on Netflix. It’s called Chocolat. The teacher mentioned learning about solid characters and other writing elements. I’ll check it out.

If I haven’t said it already, I highly recommend taking a fiction writing course. It’ll blow your mind and inspire you all at the same time.

~peace friends.

My Monday Ode

It is often the artists of the world that get at the core of issues. Artists, writers, and musicians alike evoke the deep groanings within us.

Listen to them.

They wield their brush, instruments and words like surgical tools, both stirring, and healing, inviting us.

Listen to them.

But, we run away from pain, shattered dreams, destruction rather than face the cause of these first perilous breaks. We fail to recognize these early signs as merciful warnings, and in our pride, we accuse,  we rail, we persecute, and we shut out.–And this to our own (and those around us) detriment.

Facing early warnings can bring forth solution, discussion, intervention, but with it, humiliation, suffering, and truth,  all we’ve been modeled to avoid.

Listen to them.

Until the time that the one who’s learned can finally, emphatically and boldly say enough, stop and no more.

Listen to them.

~peace friends

The “Ahh” moment

I’m still saying “ahhh” after the 3rd writing class which has also meant quite change in how I had been writing my story. Knowledge is pain and ignorance is definitely bliss. I’m happy to have gained the knowledge because now, I’m less stuck and though challenged, I can see a path to walk on, it’s just that the path got a bit longer.

All that writing has delayed my thinking about Halloween. My husband and I are invited to a party which I’d love to go to because I’ve also failed at buying Halloween candy in a neighborhood that is popular for trick-or-treating! So, I need to be outta here, but what to wear??

~Peace people.

Point of view

After some consulting with my hubby and reading over of my novel,  I’ve realized that the point of view I’ve used is 3rd person omniscient.  And after class, I’m not confident that this is the most effective choice for the story. I look forward to getting some more feedback as this has me a bit stuck. Ultimately, I know the choice lies with the author, me, so perhaps I’ll take a scene and practice writing in the different POV’s.

Here’s to a productive week!

~Peace friends.

Friday’s Eve

So, it’s Friday eve. Friday had always held a special place in my heart and so, why not post on it’s eve to honor it? Oh brother, I’ve edited/rewritten 21 chapters, so I’m a bit “brain-fuzzy” and not funny right now. It’s a “neuro” tiredness; that is what I’m calling my excuse to watch episode after episode of Grey’s anatomy. My brain is recharging, so there!

Today, I also signed up for my writer’s course. I actually did it. I’m nervous. A University of Washington professor is teaching this course and so it’s real. Darn! I will be getting real feedback and critique, it’s just what I wanted. Seriously?? What was I thinking?

Do all writers have this moment before being published, the moment you feel like you’re kidding yourself? I mean after all, how arrogant to create worlds and characters and plots and emotion. Who do we think we are? Who do I think I am? I guess I just paid to find out.

~Peace…uh friends?

Blurry vision

I woke up with a bit of blurriness in my right eye that my glasses aren’t helping. Last night, I cheerily exclaimed, “Oh, yes, three’s my limit!” Really, three? When did that change from two? And what happened to my ‘no drinking during the week’ rule? Psh!

I enjoyed every scrumptious bite of salmon and every sip of my Pacific Northwest Pinot Noir at The Palace Kitchen, but of course, the best part of the night was spending time with a great friend and we’re on for next Wednesday as well. 🙂

~Peace friends!

Newbie feelings

“So, what do you do?” It’s a question I will have to get used to answering in the most positive/confident of voices including a smile, instead of the “uh-yeah, I’m working on my first story, um, novel, yes, I’m a writer, uh author.yeah!” response. This will take practice for sure. I’m still trying to get used to my life as an author and the re-write is coming along.

That’s all “par for the course”, someone might say, in the process of getting something published, and they are probably right, but why does it all have to be so raw and skin peeling? I’m curious how an author feels after getting their first story published, they must 100 layers deep of comfort in their own”skin”, while I go around feeling like a peeled banana. I confess, I found a writer’s critique group, but I’m a chicken! I know I should go and get some feedback, but, I’ll need a boot to the bottom to get me to go. I’ll keep you posted on that. In the meantime, it’s back to the grindstone or the chopping block!

~peace friends!

Keep going

You just gotta keep going. It doesn’t matter if you write a sentence, or a word. Or simply, just read what you wrote. But, put eyes on your work. That’s what I’ve learned so far. Life keeps happening full of appointments, texts, breaking news and chores. It doesn’t stop and so writer’s just learn to work around it. That’s what you do. That’s what all other people who have careers do.

A question I’m asking myself is: Is it harder for me to stay focused, motivated, on task because the work happens with little monetary reward? There is reward, but most of the victories before publishing happen in private, in your living room, or on a blog with virtual strangers.

Anyway, I haven’t worked for pay this school year (I’m a substitute teacher) and I’m learning to embrace the career I’ve chosen. The biggest thanks I would like to give for this opportunity goes to my loving, supportive husband. Thank you Phillip! I love you.

~Peace friends.

I cooked!

Yesterday, I felt lazy, sluggish and sleepy. Something was off in my body. It may have been that we had too much fun on the weekend and I was recovering, so, I didn’t accomplish much, but today, I woke up with energy and so, among other things, it led to me cooking a GF pizza.

*This is not a cooking blog, I repeat, this is not a cooking blog!

I use to cook, but ever since I became an empty-nester, it’s been a challenge to get motivated enough. So, what happened today? I just didn’t want to pay somebody else (25.00) to deliver a medium GF pizza. It just seemed so expensive and I knew that I couldn’t eat a whole medium pizza myself and history shows that if not eaten the same day ordered, GF pizza will disappoint the next day. (unlike real pizza! :() Oh, and the one I baked tasted good, but I’ll see how it tastes tomorrow. (stay tuned!)

Anyway, enough about that, I just had to toot my own horn since I cooked. Now, I will try to continue with my writing goals. I think I’m coming along, but after reading some of Gone Girl, I’m feeling very amateur-ist. The story is intriguing, and wow, the writing,  it’s edgy and dark, and I felt the writer put in some unique character descriptions. It helped me to picture the characters in action. Or is that because I saw the movie?  By the wayif anyone out there has any book recommendations, please feel free to comment. I’m not that great at picking authors that I like.

~peace friends.