So, I saw a little symbol on my blog that indicated that I’ve been active on WordPress for 6 years! Really?!  It was hard to believe! I want to be proud of that, but with my lack of writing activity lately, I feel a bit undeserving of the trophy icon. Regardless, I want to thank any supporters (likes and followers) that I’ve had on this and my other site Enjoy in those 6 years.

Although it’s very hard to connect with each and every follower and liker, I wanted to mention that before I like and follow sites, I do go out and take a peek at what the site is about and if I jibe with it, then I reciprocate the like.

On another note, recently, I’ve followed quite a few fashion/beauty websites that I admire and I don’t necessarily have anything in common with, but I believe in what they’re doing and how they’re sharing their fashion/ beauty knowledge (of which I have none) and how they positively present their face and body.

Now, as for me and my writing goals, well, let’s just say I’ve not given up, and that I’ve been mostly busy, but keeping the “head-journal” going as I go about with the other things I do. I read somewhere that some people actually “write” a novel in their head long before typing out the words on the keyboard. I think I’m experiencing that kind of data collecting lately. It’s fun and freeing.

It’s late, so thanks again for stopping in. Have a good rest of your week.


The Power of Words


I may have known it as a child, but it took years to develop, and build up enough hours of practice to begin to embrace the title of writer. And even still, there’s so much to learn. But, it all began when I stole took the diary that belonged to my older sister. I began writing my thoughts, desires, and wishes way back then. However, I didn’t receive guidance, training, and encouragement to embrace it as a career.

It doesn’t matter what didn’t happen, but what does happen now. I will continue to write out my thoughts, desires, wishes and dreams until I’m wrinkled and gray.

All this to say that I’d like to share my son’s dream with you. I’ve known he was a musician since before he was born. How? Because he kicked in rhythm while I was pregnant with him. True story!

Anyway, my baby is now a full-grown young man who’s trying to live out his dream of being a full-time musician. He knows it’s a path that isn’t easy and he works hard to live out his dream. Click on this link and you’ll get a sampling of his band, Shortsweather . My son is the handsome one, in blue, playing the guitar. His band would like to take a tour coming this July. Will you help him live out his dream? Thanks for sharing this link as well.

Go Fund Me

Friday night

I’m taking a moment on a blustery Friday night here in Washington to say hello to my old friend, my blog. Hello!

So, the latest. I’ve submitted my story for a contest today. I was reminded by a fellow writer about today’s deadline and so I submitted it just hours ago!

It’s a bit crazy, but I felt the story, if not myself deserved it. I like my story and I suspect others could like it and if an agent could read it, then maybe they would see the promise in it.

I’ve been busy setting up a tutoring business and so I’ve not written much and just nearly missed this contest.

Anyway, that’s it. On other news which isn’t as good is I’m also busy getting ready to move. My husband and I have loved the house we’re in and the owners have decided to sell it. So, we must leave to find other roads to stomp on…but, some things remain the same and for that, I’m grateful.


The story

Hello fellow writers and readers…

I felt it was about time that I unveiled to you the first story that I’ve ever published on Kindle.

The book was conceived with from a piece of writing that my friend did and put away in her nightstand. One day, she read it to me and a story was born. We strived to put our words and voices together and our desires for the main characters. This was a challenge, but after a few years of working on it, we felt it time to put it out there in the hands of readers.

We are very open to feed back and criticism as long as you’re kind. We realize that as first timer’s, things won’t be perfect, but give it a read and share your thoughts.


Please let me know if the link works:

Extraordinary Girl

Thursday thoughts

Hello blog, I know it’s been a while, but I’m still here, doing this and that, writing here and there and other stuff. I wanted to document some thoughts:

One, I’m learning and processing so much from the Creative Writing class lately, that I could be found either doing chores like scrubbing tubs or laundry or sitting on my couch, drinking tea, drooling, and staring into space. All of which  have something to do with processing new all this new information.

There are multiple aha moments and enlightenments that I’ve had and wish to apply to the story I’m writing. I’d  began the class, feeling proud to come into it with a nearly completed draft.

And now? I’ve been humbled and the draft has been significantly transformed. But, that’s okay, I want to write something good. I want my efforts to lead me in a producing a work that is more creatively readable.

That is all.

~Peace to all.


Writing is a Process

My plan is to write nine more chapters to declare the story I’m writing complete, but just because I declare it, doesn’t mean that it is. If I’ve learned anything, it is that. But, for sanity sake, I need to say that in 9 chapters, the story will be complete.

The next thing I’d like to share is that I’m learning is that there is a “flow” to writing that is both difficult to turn on as it is to shut off. I can sit in the house, all the time in the world, and not begin sometimes until I’ve done other chores, cooked, or just played around with ideas in my head first. Then, and only then does the “flow” happen. And then once it flows and gets cut off by say, eating, sleeping, and other “ing’s” then the process of beginning starts all over again. I don’t have the answer to this issue except to keep at it and let my brain rest when it needs to or recharge. I’m not formally doing NaMoWritMo, but I have been trying to write everyday and after a while, it does take a sort of mental toll.

Last, I’d like to share that there is a finesse to writing a good story that I’ve not learned or read enough to grasp. I will get there, but I’m not there and I admire those who can put together scenes, stories with vivid descriptors and images that evoke deep emotion. Yes, there are those who are able, and I can strive to become, but I’m not there yet, and that is okay.

I’m where I’m at and it is and has been good for me to have a project that I can complete. I look forward to its completion. How are you doing?

~peace friends and fellow writers.


This Monday, I need to “toot my own horn” and say “Yay me!”  I’m celebrating being on Chapter 32!  I’ve gotten this far, in part, by having a consistent goal and that is to put eyes on my work and fingers to the keyboard for at least one chapter a day. Often, I’ve found that I’ve gotten on a “roll” of sorts and so I’ve kept going.

That said, tomorrow is the second day of my writing class and the first class where the real feed back begins. It is what I paid for and it is definitely what is needed at this stage in the game. I hope you have a productive week!

~Peace friends!

Sunday night

It’s Sunday night and as the weekend draws to a close, I’m reflecting on the positive. I’ve participated in enjoying time with my husband, napping, reading, shopping, socializing, chor-ing and I binge-watched my favorite TV show. It’s been fun.

What I didn’t do?  Writing. It’s okay. I think I needed a mind-break. And now, I’m looking forward to what the week will bring. Hoping for renewed creativity, a bit more work on setting and just making sure to write/edit one chapter a day. Hope your week turns out well.

~Peace amigos!